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I’m excited to announce we have crossed the >1000 subscriber threshold; proof the audience interested in tech & finance in Emerging Asia is robust and growing by the day. I wanted mark the occasion with the announcement of a new home:


Fear not; the newsletter is alive & well, but I wanted to provide a complementary place for easier exploration by topic as the content grows. The site is a work in progress (especially the mobile rendering), but I hope you find it helpful.

It’s quite a simple design - focused on the one thing we will always be about. Content.

For the newer joiners, I’m posting a sampling of the types of articles you will find at emerging.blog below - starting with some of the older posts you may have yet to catch up on.

Thanks again for the continued support & feedback.

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Front-end or Back-end Corporatization in Southeast Asia?

The rapidly evolving landscape for the SMEs of ASEAN

  • An introduction to Front-end and Back-end Corporatization and the impact of COVID on ASEAN’s SMEs

  • The rise of aggregators in Southeast Asia & the economics of different levels of aggregation: global, regional / national, and hyper-local

  • The inverse economic relationship between aggregators and suppliers depending on the level of aggregation

  • The long-term implications of COVID on the region’s economic make-up and contribution from SMEs

Techno-Nationalism Rising

India, China, Snowden and Accelerating Cyberbalkanization

  • India’s app ban, the Snowden revelations, and accelerating Cyberbalkanization

  • China’s tech paradox: they have their cake, but can they eat it?

  • Winners & Losers entering a decade of techno-nationalism

  • A black and white internet begins to grey…

Facebook, Jio, Gojek & the Coming War

The Case for a Distributed eCommerce Market Structure in Emerging Asia

  • The bull-case for Facebook in < 140 characters; finally monetizing the social graph beyond advertising

  • Search vs Social Commerce & the variables favoring the latter in Emerging Asia

  • eCommerce evolutions from version 1.0 -> 2.0 -> 3.0 and the coming clash of social & eCommerce as previewed by China

  • Evolving market structures; why spider-web distribution is a better fit for India & Southeast Asia

Deglobalization: Customer Amortization is the new Blitzscaling

Emerging Tech’s Rise from the Ashes of the Liberal World Order

  • Donald Trump: a surprising boon for Emerging Asian Consumer Internet

  • The importance of the geopolitical backdrop to tech industry evolution

  • Why customer amortization is the new blitzscaling

  • Deglobalization’s sweet spot; why consumer internet will thrive amidst the pull back in globalization

Monopoly Money

A Deflationary Asset Bubble & the One-Eyed King

  • The Great Depression 2.0 vs Money Printer Go Brrrr

  • The Wall St vs Main St Decoupling

  • Robinhood Day Traders vs Stan Drunkenmiller

  • The One-Eyed King vs the Field

  • The Public vs Private Divide: monetary regime inequality jumps to business

iFlix’s Original Sin

A Regional Aggregator in a Global Sandbox

Relatively short one this week given the existing coverage, but Tencent’s purchase of iFlix is an instructive case study on which pockets emerging tech champions are likely to have success.

Streaming is not one.

Technology-Governance Fit

Product-Market Fit – in the Realm of the Nation-State

  • Product-Market fit in the realm of the nation-state

  • Why the AI-CCP tandem will replace the US-Open Internet tandem as the most influential technology-governance pairing of the 2020s

  • The accelerating pendulum of centralization and decentralization and why China’s AI-governance fit may be undercut later in the decade

  • AI, Crypto and the Narrow Corridor between anarchy and a Despotic Leviathan in Emerging Asia

Blitzscaling Credit

Swallowing the Financial Value-chain from the Point-of-Sale

  • Why, paradoxically, alternative lenders may struggle more in Emerging Markets

  • The lending value chain and the “3Ds” of comparative advantage

  • A payments bubble or have investors found a trojan horse for lending?

  • The Developing Divide: Will “Every Company be a Fintech Company?” or will it be “One Fintech Company for Everyone”?

Chasing Ant

Aspirational Finance, Second-Level Thinking, and Why China is Different

  • Ant Group’s Journey – the poster child of swallowing the financial value-chain from the point-of-sale

  • My thoughts on Ant’s upcoming offering caveated by a few key risks

  • 2nd-level thinking meets the competitive landscape: Aspirational Ants and why the next wave in Emerging Markets will be different

ECommerce in LegoLand

The shifting sands of modular vs. integrated stacks through time & space

  • The evolving war between modular vs. integrated ecommerce value-chains in different geographies – seen through the lens of “Dans. On the wall”

  • Amazon’s integration through logistics vs. Alibaba’s integration through aggregation

  • Why the U.S. has fallen behind: Fragmented payments & consolidated logistics vs. consolidated payments & fragmented logistics

  • Search vs Social vs Algorithmic front-end: Why the evolving modular eCommerce stack is hand-crafted for social platforms and backward integration

  • Southeast Asia: a Chinese-style integrator poised for war with U.S. social early in the eCommerce adoption curve

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